National Senior Citizen Day- Bay Alarm Medical

National Senior Citizen Day- Bay Alarm Medical

August 21, 2016


National senior citizen’s day was founded by President Ronald Reagan to honor and respect those who have achieved so much during their lifetime. From family matters, community contributions, and overall country influences, national senior citizen day is a time to reflect and show respect and appreciation for all that the elderly have done.
Check out some of our top activities for seniors to do to celebrate.


One of the benefits of paying full price for so many years is that you finally catch a break. Check out our Big List of senior citizen discounts where you can find discounts on all sorts of cool things- from restaurants, prescriptions, retail, grocery, travel, and more! Go out and enjoy some of these awesome discounts.

Senior Couple Enjoying Meal In Restaurant


Over the years you’ve accumulated family, whether blood related, close friends, neighbors, or even a furry friend- these are the people who were by your side to laugh with and cry with. Over your lifetime you’ve been able to grow the number of people who have been a part of your life. So spend the day with family members or reach out and call someone who is special in your life that you haven’t spoken to lately.

Grandfather and granddaughter spending time together


You’ve worked long and hard for your whole life, now it’s time to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for. Spend the day doing that one thing you’ve been putting on the back burner. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to finish, watch that movie you heard so much about, or even start up that new project you’ve been meaning to get around to.



It’s your turn to pass on the family’s secret recipe, share stories of your childhood, give up your special remedies for any situation, or even share your love and passion for a special hobby. Share your wisdom that you’ve learn on this journey through life. Spend the day with your loved ones sharing your wisdom or document your secrets to keep your traditions going.

Piano Player Hands
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