More baby boomers using medical alert systems to care for parents

Jasmine Phu

September 13, 2010 reports that more baby boomers are now using remote technology such as medical alert systems to care for aging parents who may be far away. This is the case of 59-year-old Sandra Pierce, who is using the devices to monitor her mother, 81-year-old Oliva Howe, a South Carolinan who lives by herself.

Howe has lived in her three-bedroom home for 53 years and, despite her heart condition, she can now continue to do so safely. Motion sensors are placed throughout the home and transmit data straight to Pierce’s laptop, offering information on her movements, blood pressure and weight.

If anything goes wrong, phone or e-mail alerts immediately notify Pierce, who can take the appropriate action.

“It’s a comfort knowing that if anything happens to me, or I have a fall, someone will know,” Howe told the news provider. “I do not want to go to a nursing home.”

Those who are looking to care for parents with home medical devices can easily find affordable, personal emergency response systems that will enable seniors to age safely and independently, while offering an alternative to baby boomers who have to work or live far away.

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