Medical alarm can help with aging in place

Lisa Wurth

April 21, 2011

Many older adults are looking to age in place as they grow older. This can often be a cheaper way of spending the golden years as well, because there’s no need to pay the often expensive prices of an assisted living facility.

The trick is finding out how to best safely live in one’s own home, because this project can require a number of renovations. These changes can be gradual, sometimes starting with a new toilet or a grab rail in the bathroom.

Others choose to install medical alarm systems at home, because this device can help ensure that an older adult has a way to send a personal emergency response message if he or she needs assistance.

“There are so many little things we can do, so many new assistive devices that are being created to help people stay in their homes,” certified aging-in-place specialist Clay McQuerry told The Kansas City Star. “We just have to know about them.”

One 72-year-old woman told the news source that the home medical alert system at her home has been a “godsend,” because she has fallen five times and had no one to contact before the device’s installation.

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