Median age of Connecticut reaches 40

Median age of Connecticut reaches 40

May 12, 2011

As Census data is released, the latest statistics are showing some startling trends in many states, including Connecticut. The median age of the Constitution State is now 40, a number pushed by a 32 percent increase in the number of residents 85 and older, according to The Associated Press.

“As our older population grows and experiences unprecedented longevity, it will impact nearly every facet of society and state government is no exception,” said Julia Evans Starr, executive director of the Connecticut Commission on Aging, the news source reports. “State Medicaid budgets and other safety net programs are strained at a time when the recession challenges the reliance on pensions and home equity.”

Preparing a home for the golden years can seem like a difficult process. Older adults may want to consider starting with the installation of medical alert systems, because these devices allow users to instantly send a medical alert.

The 2010 Census shows that, of Connecticut’s 3.57 million people, more than 1 million are anywhere from their mid-60s to mid-50s. Approximately 500,000 are older than 65.

Experts suggest that the United States will grow significantly older in the coming years as the country’s 78 million boomers reach 65.

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