Install & Test: In-Home Cellular System [Transcript]

Install & Test: In-Home Cellular System [Transcript]

December 16, 2022


In this video we will be installing our In-Home Cellular Medical Alert System.

Before you get started read through the quick start guide and get familiar with the products and information. Then make sure you fill out the Vial of Life and place it somewhere that is easy for paramedics to access such as on the front of the refrigerator door, your nightstand, or the coffee table.

bay alarm medical vial of life

Next you will want to download the free Bay Alarm Medical App where you can manage your account details and their emergency call list.


Now it’s time to install!

Step 1: Place the base unit in an open area with a strong signal such as by a window or a glass door.

bay alarm medical in home cellular system set up on counter

Step 2: Place the base unit’s power adapter into the power outlet. Be sure you do not use an outlet controlled by a lightswitch.

plugging in home cellular power adapter into outlet

Step 3: Locate the power switch on the back of the device and slide it from “O” to I”. The status light will flash orange while it’s searching for cellular coverage when ready the device will announce bar system ready and the status light will turn green.

turning power switch on in home cellular system

Now it’s time to test the system. Start by pressing the help button on the base unit. It will announce calling for help you will hear the alarm go off and may experience brief silence once connected a live dispatcher will come over the two-way speaker on the base unit to assess your needs.

testing in home cellular system

Kindly let them know you are okay and just testing. Once the operator disconnects press the “Reset” button on the back of the base unit.

rest button back of in home cellular system

Now follow the same steps to test your wearable button and any additional buttons you may have such as the wall button or fall detection button. That’s it you are all set up and ready to go!

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