How to Install & Test My In-home Cellular System

April 26, 2019

Need assistance installing our 4G LTE In-home Medical Life Alert System? No problem! Check out our video install or follow the directions below. Feel free to visit our full In-home Quick Start Guide for additional information on installation and testing.

Install & Test your 4G LTE In-home Cellular System

  1. Place the In-Home Base Unit in an area with a strong signal
    (i.e. by the window or glass door). Plug the Base Unit AC
    Power Plug into the AC Power Outlet.
  2. Find the power switch labeled “O/I” on the back of the
    In-Home Base Unit and place it in the “I” position. The status
    light will begin to flash ORANGE.
  3. After a short time, the status light will turn GREEN and your
    In-Home Base Unit will announce “System ready.” Wait a few
    moments before testing.
  4. Press the Personal Help Button once to test the system. The
    Base Unit will say “Calling for help” followed by an alert
    sound. When the signal is received, the unit will say “Call
    connected, please wait” followed by a high-pitch sound.
    When an operator asks if you need help, inform them you are
    testing.If an operator does not respond after 2 minutes, please press
    the “RESET” button on the Base Unit rear. Wait 10 seconds
    and press the Personal Help Button again. An operator will ask
    if you need help. Inform them you are testing. You may also
    get a call from the operator on the home phone. If there is no
    response, please call us at 1-877-522-9633.
    If the test was successful, then continue onto the next page
    and follow the Range Test (Cellular) directions.

Watch the video here:

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