Healthcare bill offers preventative care measures for seniors


August 11, 2010

The Lipman Times reports that, under a new healthcare law passed by Congress, senior citizens will be given access to much cheaper preventative healthcare services than before. Beginning in January, older adults enrolled in Medicare will receive these services for free if verified by the U.S. Preventative Service Task Force, an independent panel.

A free annual wellness visit is another feature of the new legislation. This will include an evaluation of a person’s overall cognitive and physical health, as well as their risk factors for cancer and other chronic illnesses.

The news source claims that these new practices can significantly reduce the overall cost of healthcare by identifying early medical problems in seniors far before they turn into something more serious. It appears that this could also lower the amount of time older adults spent in the hospital, as well as the number of procedures that seniors undergo to obtain a diagnosis.

This bill could be a major step for seniors who want to stay independent and age in their home.

While the new regulations may help prevent extensive hospital visits and identify long-term problems, other medical emergencies, such as unexpected falls, can still present themselves around the home. For this reason, a personal emergency response system can be instrumental for a senior who wishes to stay safe and autonomous.

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