Don’t Forget the Seniors: A Grandparents Day Tribute

September 10, 2016

National Grandparents Day – September 11th, 2016

Grandparents are awesome! If you didn’t grow up with grandparents, I’m sure there was at least one senior you encountered in your life that you exchanged stories with, that made you laugh and maybe even gave you some life-changing advice.

We often forget that seniors are pretty much experts at living. They have years of life experiences to share with us. They have made important contributions, whether it be in our personal life, in our families or in the community. They have many years of happiness and hardship. They passed along traditions, as well as made their own. Simply put, we would be nothing without them.

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In addition, grandparents are often recognized for breaking all the rules when it comes to grandchildren. You know what exactly what I’m talking about. Candy, gifts, and homemade cookies. When I was a kid, my grandma would always sneak me special treats and give me money- my mom had no idea why I was always so energetic and

Parents hate it, but somehow love it at the same time. As a parent, I now get to watch my daughter enjoy the perks of being a grandchild. There is a joy and connection that she has with my parents that I cannot offer. It’s a very special kind of love.

While life moves fast and the days get busier, don’t forget to take some time to cherish the seniors in your life. Don’t forget to teach your children how important it is to spend time with their grandparents or volunteer by helping seniors in the community.

Marian McQuade, founder of National Grandparents Day, was motivated to honor all seniors on this holiday to encourage grandchildren to cherish and absorb all the wisdom and heritage their grandparents could provide. She hoped National Grandparents Day would defeat the cause of lonely seniors in nursing homes as well.

Go ahead, give nana call. Tell papa how much you love him. While their age may seem “old” to you, their hearts are still full of love. Time with you is the only thing that would make them happy.

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