Beware of the Medical Alert Phone Scams

July 7, 2022

Beware of Medical Alert 24/7 Phone Scam

What is the scam?

At Bay Alarm Medical, we’ve received reports that from time to time, competitors will use phone numbers that are very close to ours, and perhaps other companies as well, in order to trap people into a sales pitch if they dial those numbers by mistake.

For example, you can call Bay Alarm Medical at our toll-free number, 1-877-522-9633, but if without thinking you dial that number using a 1-800 prefix, you get these people and their pushy sales force. As of right now, that number is disconnected, and this seems a part of how they operate, rotating through multiple different numbers that resemble a legitimate company.

A quick google search reveals numerous complaints and scam allegations on the Web about different medical alert companies. From many reports it seems that these companies use a lot of robo-call marketing, offering free medical life alert systems if you call them back or “Press # to be connected…” etc.

Many report that this operation uses aggressive and misleading sales tactics – and some even allege that once they get your credit card information you can be charged for costs you didn’t approve, or for products that you never receive.

So, beware of companies that use phone numbers resembling ours or other reputable medical alert companies. Even though they may sell similar medical alert products that does seem to be legitimate, it may lack many of the features and options that are standard with the leading brands for the same price.

How to Protect Myself from Medical Alert Scams:

You could run another Google search for “Best Medical Alert” and find yourself in much more ethical hands – a crucial matter, especially if this is for an aging loved one who is already the target of numerous scams. The elderly are a big target for scammers nowadays.

Interestingly (in a scary way), some complainants say that the robo calls actually feed back to a call center that specializes in scams or unethical sales tactics – one person said she turned down the medical alert scammer on the phone and he passed her to a gift card scammer at the same call center!

So it may be that these companies are a lower-end company with no real traction in the medical alert industry and is using a marketing service that promises to drum up new business.

It may be that the source company doesn’t know how the marketing service engages in these types of bad behavior, and it may not be aware of how badly its name is being ruined by the legion of people who feel burned by these tactics.

Final Thoughts:

We don’t know. We do know from our own personal experience that if we call a number thinking we’re dialing into Bay Alarm Medical and make a small mistake on the number, we can end up having to deal with these creepy sales tactics.

In short, never give your financial information to anyone on the phone who called you first. Only deal with reputable companies that have procedures in place to assure your safety.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to be cautious of any phone calls, emails, text messages requesting more information or asking for money (i.e. “You owe us money”). Read our other blogs surrounding financial scams against the elderly.

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