Best iPad Apps for Senior Citizens

December 23, 2013

You may be wondering what last-minute gift to get for your favorite senior. One of our top picks would be an iPad.


iPads can help seniors stay connected to family members, help keep track of their medications, improve their memory skills, and have fun playing games.

The iPad has a big screen, it’s lightweight and easily transportable, and it’s buttons are easy to press even for those who may have lost some of their dexterity in their hands. It’s bright screen can be good for those with Glaucoma and other vision problems as it is easy to make out the dark letters on the bright screen.

A recent memory study done by UC San Francisco revealed that seniors who played video games had better memory performance and increased multi-tasking skills. Many new apps like Lumosity were designed to help train the brain to perform at full capacity, while the user feels like they are simply playing a game.

With that in mind, we present to you our favorite apps for seniors.

Screenshot of Lumosity iPad app in the iTunes store.

  • Lumosity – This app was developed by cognitive psychologists at Stanford and UC San Francisco. It measures BPI (Brain Performance Index). It helps users increase memory and attention skills through challenging games.
  • NY Times Crosswords – Now your favorite Sunday crossword puzzle can be accessed with a quick touch of a button. This app allows you to view classic puzzles from the NY Times archive, and play the daily puzzle. Users can also compete against top players in online leaderboards. Completing crosswords can help keep the brain active and sharp.
  • Vismory – Vismory is a fun game that tests your ability to memorize shape, color, and position of 3D objects. Playing this game helps with short-term memory and sequencing.

Screenshot showing MedCoach Medication Reminder app in iTunes store.

  • MedCoach Medication Reminder – MedCoach Medication Reminder is a user-friendly medical app that helps you remember when to take your meds at the right time of day or night. It can also connect to your pharmacy for easy refills. This can help your senior loved one with managing all their medications for proper use.
  • Motion Doctor – Motion Doctor is a Physical Therapy app that shows you different exercises to do to reduce and prevent pain from occurring. It also can help you in setting up a healthy exercise regime. There are over 60 instructional videos as well as text instructions available.
  • HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker – HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker is one of the highest-rated apps in the iTunes App Store. It’s the easiest app out there for keeping tracking of your blood pressure. It provides you with detailed information on your blood pressure fluctuations throughout the day. You can receive this data in report or excel format and can export it directly from your phone or iPad.

Task Aids
Screenshot of Magnifying Glass app in iTunes store;.

  • Magnifying Glass With Light – Magnifying Glass allows you to turn your iPad into a full-screen lighted magnifying glass. This will help you to zoom in on hard-to-read text.
  • Jumbo Contacts – Jumbo Contacts makes it easier for you to see your contacts on your iPad or phone. It uses large fonts. It uses the same address book from your device so you will not need to import any information.
  • Big Calculator – Big Calculator is just as the name suggests. It is a large display calculator that can fit the entire iPad screen. This makes it easy to do any mathematical problems for those who might have reduced vision.

Screenshot of Jeopardy app in iTunes store.

  • Words With Friends – Words With Friends is a fun and interactive game that helps keep your brain sharp by challenging you to expand your vocabulary. Players can challenge others at building complex word puzzles.
  • Jeopardy – Jeopardy is a household favorite game show. Now the addictive quiz is available in iPad format. You’ll feel just like a real contestant on the show while you pick through a variety of trivia categories. You can do single-player or multi-player mode.
  • Solitaire – Solitaire is a classic computer game. This game is in big screen format with the iPad and can be taken with you anywhere. Challenge yourself to match up the card sets and numbers.

Screenshot showing iCookbook app in iTunes store.

  • iCookbook – iCookbook has over 2,000 recipes available that were put together by food experts and accredited nutritionists. You can get free recipes every month, and it also comes enabled with a voice-control command so that you can follow the steps hands-free.
  • Grocery iQ – Grocery iQ lets you keep a virtual shopping list. You can keep track of frequently purchased items, store all your coupons in one place, and find local grocery stores near you.

Screenshot showing how Family Organizer lets you quickly find what you need.

    • BugMe! Stickies Pro – Ink Notepad & Alarms – BugMe! makes it easy for the user stay organized by creating virtual sticky notes. You can set alarms and reminders and share your notes with friends too. This app assists the user with remembering appointments and with staying organized in general.
    • MindNode – MindNode uses the technique of mind-mapping to assist you in jotting down your ideas. It allows you to organize your thoughts in a natural and intuitive way. You start with a root idea and then form branches off of that basic idea. It helps with project management, planning trips or vacations, and with many other tasks. You can export your maps to other apps in PDF format or text files.
    • AboutOne Family Organizer – The AboutOne Family Organizer app allows you to keep all your family’s important files at hand from health records, possesions (cars, household items), photos, and videos, notes, and other documents.

All of the above apps can be found in the iTunes Store. Happy shopping!


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