Adventures in Leaning program helps older adults expand their minds

September 2, 2010

At Shepherd’s Center of Oakton-Vienna, Virginia, a program is available for baby boomers and seniors who want to attend classes and expand their knowledge, according to Connection Newspapers.

Known as Adventures in Learning (AIL), the initiative is open to anyone who is age 50 or over and offers classes on topics such as health, world affairs and philosophy.

“It’s a lifestyle of continued learning,” AIL committee co-chair Kathy Tugendhat told the news source. “I love the classes. People come to them because they’re stimulating and interesting and you’re always learning something new.

According to one senior, Florence Andrews, there are only 65 similar programs in the United States. While senior centers foster community, she claims that AIL is more engaging and challenging.

The eight-week semesters are $40 total and the expense covers all the possible classes. Many of the classes offer resources and lessons for seniors who are living alone.

Seniors who are living by themselves may also want to consider a senior alert system. This device can allow you to alert doctors or neighbors in the event of an emergency, so that you can live safely and independently at home.

Senior citizen discounts are available in all kinds of places too, so be sure to stay alert for them.

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