7 Best Holiday Gifts For Seniors

7 Best Holiday Gifts For Seniors

December 19, 2014

Wondering what to get Grandma and Grandpa this year? Fear not, we’ve come up with the ultimate list of holiday gifts for seniors.

1.) Retro Handset Pop Phone for Mobile Devices

retro corded phone headset 1

The Retro Handset Pop Phone for Mobile Devices provides the comfort of a landline-style phone for mobile phones. Users have reported that the headset helps them to hear phone calls better and that they’re quite comfortable to talk on. This is especially practical for someone who spends a lot of time at home, or works out of a home office.

You can purchase one for $34.95 from the Home Style Network (HSN).
2.) Big Button Photo Dialer

big photo button phone dialer

This gadget is easy to use, and saves the user from having to remember their loved ones’ phone numbers. It’s extremely helpful for those who have shaky hands, or other health conditions that make it difficult for them to dial telephone numbers. This is also an excellent gift for those with mild memory problems.

The dialer connects to an existing home phone or office phone jack. It’s basically the equivalent of speed dial, but even simpler and faster to use.

You can order this for $29.95 on Amazon.com.
3.) Pour Thing – Gallon Size

Pour Thing Gallon Sized

This is a really nifty device that allows the user to pour gallon-sized beverages more easily. This pouring-aid is perfect for aging adults as it will save them from having to lift heavy jugs of juice or milk. It’s also very convenient for those with limited use of their fingers.

Pour Thing – Gallon Size is available for $70.65 at Amazon.com
4.) StickNFind App & Stickers

StickNfind app.

StickNFind is a really cool system for finding lost items. it consists of a Bluetooth-enabled app and some “stickers” about the size of a quarter that the user sticks onto whichever items they wish to keep track of.

The app has a Radar Screen that tells the distance of the sticker that that the user is tracking and it helps guide them in the right direction. It will indicate whether the user is getting closer or further from the sticker as they move. The stickers have a buzzer and a light on them so they can even be found in the dark!

StickNFind is available for $49.99 at the StickNFind online store.
5.) Granny Jo Dignity Mug

granny jo dignity mug

This gift is fabulous for a tea or coffee-drinker. This durable ceramic mug helps immensely with stablity. This is really helpful for those suffering from arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult to hold or grasp items.

You can purchase the Granny Jo Dignity Mug for $17.44 from Walmart or Amazon.com. It may be available for pickup at a local store as well.
6. Personalized Handwriting Keychain

personalized handwriting keychain charm

Etsy shop owner saturn5studio says that her unique line of personalized handwriting jewlery was inspired by old love letters she found in her grandfather’s garage. These letters were written to her grandmother while he served in the Korean War. She wanted to preserve those words forever; thus, her journey into Metalsmithing began. The rest, as they say, is history.

This Personalized Handwriting Keychain would make a heartwarming keepsake for grandparents (like the sample pictured above with a grandchild’s note). You simply upload a JPEG with the handwriting image that you would like engraved, and she will turn it into a beautiful piece of art.

You can purchase one starting at $50.00, but other custom options are available as well at her etsy shop.


7.) Robot Vacuum Cleaner

P3 V-BOT P4960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Keep your loved one from having to bend and stoop to vacuum the house with a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. iRobot’s Roomba has been popular for awile now, but it’s price point is a little high. Now that these robot vacuums are becoming household cleaning staples, other brands have started to offer more affordable versions.

The P3 V-BOT P4960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner does the trick for a fraction of the price. It cleans wood, tile, and carpet flooring, and it said to be “whisper-quiet” while on. It will clean floors automatically freeing up your loved one for some good ol’ fashioned rest & relaxation. It has three pre-programmed settings for small spaces, large open spaces, and for along-the-wall.

You can grab one of these for $73.00 at Walmart.

bombas socks and bay alarm medical

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Happy Shopping!


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