Unboxing & Installing the SOS Mobile Device

June 30, 2022

Unbox and install your SOS Mobile Device in just a few easy steps.

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Getting Started

Before we get started, let’s take a look at what you will receive in your package. The Bay Alarm Medical package comes with everything you need to get your system set up and ready to use.

  • Quick start guide
  • 1 belt clip
  • Lanyard
  • Charging cradle
  • SOS Mobile Device – Help button in the middle. Two-way speaker.

IMPORTANT! It is always recommended that you read the user guide to become familiar and comfortable with the device, how it works, how to properly charge it, and how to run a weekly test.

3 Easy Steps to Install your SOS Mobile Device

Step 1:  First — Select the right location for your charging cradle. It can be placed anywhere in the home with a working outlet. We always recommend that it be placed somewhere easily visible and accessible like your night stand, a side table, or the kitchen counter.


Step 2: Next — Simply plug the power cord from the charging cradle into the outlet. Please be sure the outlet is not controlled by a light switch to ensure it doesn’t accidently get turned off and stop charging.

Step 3: Now — Charge the device. Place the device into the charging cradle. You will see the light blinking. When it is charged and ready to use, the light will turn to a solid red. Charging can take up to 2-3   hours.

Testing your SOS Mobile Device

To test your device, simply press the help button one time. The alarm will send a signal to our USA based dispatchers and they will connect with you over the two way speaker. Kindly let them know you are okay and just testing.

How to Wear the Device:

You can wear the device on the belt clip and clip it to your pants/belt or a bag. You can also wear it on the included lanyard around your neck. You can wear it anyway that feels most comfortable for you.


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