How To Buy & Set Up A Medical Alert For A Family Member In Another City

November 29, 2022

Seniors in the United States are more likely to live alone than older people in other countries. Most cherish their independence and hope to age in place in familiar surroundings where they have strong community ties.  A medical alert system can help protect your family member’s safety and independence – and provide you with peace of mind.

Our Bay Alarm Medical systems are so easy to purchase, set up, and use that a family member in another city can handle most of the details remotely. Then, all your relative has to do is plug in the unit or charge the battery and they’re all set!

How to Purchase a Bay Alarm Medical Alert System for a Family Member

Here’s a quick overview of our medical alert systems.

ConnectivityType of WearableFall DetectionCaregiver TrackingBest For
SOS Home SystemLandlineInterchangeable Necklace/WristYes, optionalNoHouseholds with unreliable cellular service.
SOS Home SystemCellularInterchangeable Necklace/WristYes, optionalNoHouseholds with AT&T or Verizon cellular coverage.
Frequent travelers/vacation homes
SOS All-In-OneCellularInterchangeable Necklace/Wrist, Belt Pouch, LanyardYes, optionalYesSeniors who want protection at home and while out and about.
Location tracking via a 4G LTE connection.
SOS MobileGPS & WIFI Location ServicesBelt Clip or LanyardYes, optionalYesGPS tracking designed for active seniors.
Location tracking via a 4G LTE connection.
SOS SmartwatchGPS location serviceWristNoNoSeniors who want a modern "non-medical" design in a "smart" wearable that doesn't require a cell phone or cellular plan.

Note: None of our cellular or GPS systems require a separate cell plan. The service is included in the monthly monitoring fee. 

Not sure what’s best? Let us help you decide.

Call us at 1-877-522-9663 to discuss your options. A Senior Care Consultant will answer your questions and help you build a system that matches your relative’s lifestyle and budget.

When you’re ready to purchase, you can complete your transaction over the phone or online.  Our Web site checkout system allows you customize the system (help buttons, additional lanyards, etc.) and explains optional add-ons and payment discount opportunities.  We never add any “surprise” fees/charges at the end and there are no contracts.

Try any system for 30 days. If it’s not the right fit, return it for a full refund less shipping charges.

How to Set Up a Medical Alert System for a Family Member

monitoring center representatives

If you can’t be there in person to help your family member set up and test the medical alert system, you can have the system shipped to your own address.  Once you complete the setup tasks, send it to your relative.

We provide a 30-day trial period from the date the system is delivered, so you’ll have plenty of time to test the system, install the free BAM Account Manager App, and set up caregiver tracking before sending the system to your loved one.

System set-up is easy. We include an illustrated step-by-step set-up and troubleshooting guide with every shipment.  You can also consult our online guide to getting started with your medical alert device.

Still have questions?  Customer Support and Tech Support are both available Monday – Saturday.  Tech Support is also available on Sundays.  Check our Contact Us page for more information.

Of course, our emergency monitoring centers are fully staffed 24/7, 365 days per year.

Some medical alert providers require you to “activate” the service/system by phone before you can begin set up and testing.  However, all of our systems are activated at check out; there’s no need for an extra activation call.  You just have to connect the unit, turn it on, and we’ll already know where it is and who is calling.

Important tasks to complete before giving the unit to your loved one:

  • Update contacts & caller id information: Our monitoring center number is 800-844-996-0208. We may need to call you, your relative, or other listed contact in case of an emergency. Please make sure that everyone adds this number to their contact list so it’s recognized by Caller ID.
  • Download the “My Account Manager” app. It’s available from the both Apple App Store and Google Play Store . The app allows you to easily manage your account online, update billing and service information.
  • Update the service address: If we ship the device to you, then your address will be the default “service address” in our system. When you’re ready to give it to your loved one, use the “My Account Manager” app to update the service address.
  • Set up Caregiver Tracking: This service is available systems with GPS tracking (the SOS All-in-One d SOS Mobile, and the ). This article explains how to setup and use the Caregiver Tracking If you’re a caregiver contact for multiple people with BAM systems, you can add them all to your account.

If you have any problems or questions, our Customer Support and Tech Support are both available Monday – Saturday.  Tech Support is also available on Sundays.  Check our Contact Us page for more information.

Bay Alarm Medical offers home, on-the-go, and smartwatch based medical alert systems. Our systems are easy to set up and use.  You can’t be there for your family 24/7, but our reliable, affordable medical alert systems will be.


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