Unboxing: In-Home Medical Alert System [Transcript]

December 16, 2022

[Video Transcript]

In this video we will be unboxing the In-home system.

With your package you will receive a folder that includes some important information and documents, such as the Quick Start Guide, where you will find helpful setup and testing instructions and the Vial of Life.

Now let’s go over the equipment!

First, we have the base unit which acts as the core of the system. During an emergency you will hear the alarm come from the base unit and will be able to speak to one of our live dispatchers through the built-in two-way speaker it also has a big red help button that can be used to trigger an alarm for help.

bay alarm medical in home medical alert system

If you have the landline option you will also receive a telephone cable connected in the back please do not remove this cable.

in home landline cords do not remove

With our in-home system you will also receive a wearable combo button. This is the button you will wear at all times and press during an emergency it will transmit a signal to the base unit which will then call for help.

bay alarm medical in home combo wrist button

The combo button can be worn around your neck or around your wrist both casings are included so that you can choose to wear it however you feel most comfortable. The combo button is also water resistant so it is safe to wear in the shower

bay alarm medical in home combo lanyard button

As you can see the in-home system is really simple you’ve got your base unit and your wearable button we do have optional features such as the fall detection button the lock box wireless wall buttons and our Bella charms. These can all be used with the in-home system to enhance your experience and provide additional protection.

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