Tech Support: SOS Mobile Device – How to Use Belt Clip & Lanyard

Bay Alarm Medical

June 30, 2022

In this video we will walk you through utilizing the belt clip or lanyard for your SOS Mobile Device.

Belt Clip

To use the belt clip, just slide the SOS mobile device into the clip until you hear the click to ensure that it is fully in the clip. You can wear it on your belt or carry it on your bag.



To place it on the lanyard, take the silver notch of the lanyard and clip it right onto the top of the device. You can adjust the lanyard to your desired length and use the magnetic clasps to take it on or off.


Testing your SOS Mobile Device

To test your device, simply press the help button one time. The alarm will send a signal to our USA based dispatchers and they will connect with you over the two way speaker. Kindly let them know you are okay and just testing.

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