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A quiz to see if Dad needs a little more help

It's hard to shop for any Father's Day, but it may become more difficult to find out what Dad wants as he grows older....

June 9, 2011

Lisa Wurth

Woman teaches seniors how to avoid falls in Mineola, NY

Learning the right practices for staying mobile - and avoiding falls - is a key to healthy, independent living....

June 8, 2011

Alan Wu

A midlife crisis turns into Alzheimer’s disease

As a senior general manager at PC World, Chris McGlone was at the top of the world. But, one day, he started feeling like things were getting a little more difficult. The trend continued. ...

June 2, 2011

Jasmine Phu

Maine residents are oldest in nation

The most recent U.S. Census statistics have shown that, once again, Maine is the grayest state in the nation and steadily getting older. The median age of residents is now 42.7, up from 38.6...

May 27, 2011

Bryan Aldrige

5 ways to reduce caregiver stress

Caregivers who feel like they've reached the end of their rope shouldn't feel alone. ...

May 26, 2011

Jasmine Phu

More than half of prescriptions aren’t taken the right way

The National Council for Patient Information and Education estimates that more than 125,000 patients die each year because they don't take their medication correctly....

May 25, 2011


Don’t get stretched thin as a caregiver

A new study released by the University of British Columbia, Concordia University and AMI-Quebec recently displayed the dangers of getting spread too thin if caregivers attempt to pursue too ...

May 24, 2011


Japanese Americans are oldest ethnic group in U.S.

Of the 1.3 million Japanese Americans who are currently living in the country, a whopping 21.5 percent are 65 and older, making the demographic the oldest ethnic group in the United States....

May 23, 2011

Lisa Wurth

Talk to an employer about caregiving support

One of the biggest symptoms of caregiver burnout is a deep feeling of isolation, and the sense that one has to tough it out alone. Individuals often give up careers, social lives and persona...

May 19, 2011

Alan Wu

4 ways for older adults to strengthen their grip

Hand strength is a fundamental part of everyday living, and especially important for seniors who want to remain independent because it is a key to everything from grocery shopping to maintai...

May 17, 2011

Alan Wu