Our New Bella Charms Combine Style And Safety

Our New Bella Charms Combine Style And Safety

September 24, 2019

The name “Bella” is derived from the Latin word for “beautiful,” and that certainly describes Bay Alarm Medical’s new Bella Charms™ They turn our home medical alert necklaces into stylish jewelry. The pendants pair with just about every type of clothing and never go out of style.

Bella Charms are handcrafted in the USA, and no two are alike. Each charm is as unique as you are. Keep in mind the charms are currently made to work only for the In-home standard medical alert necklace. Due to functionality, it will not work with the Fall Detection necklace or the wrist button.

Growing Older Without Looking Older

The hard truth about aging is that everyone wants to live longer, but few people are comfortable with “looking older.” To many, wearing a medical alert button or necklace is a visible sign of age. This is really a misconception, because people of all ages wear medical alerts for a variety of reasons, from basic personal safety to chronic medical concerns.

Still, we often hear from people who are worried that a “medical alert necklace will make me look old.” Well, here’s a solution! With Bella Charms, you’ll never have to sacrifice style for safety.

With four beautiful designs and colors, there’s something for everyone:

  • Gemma: Neutral tones of leopard print
  • Marella: Beautiful & elegant pattern
  • Stella: Just like the night starry night sky, beautiful dark tones with sparkles
  • Marina: A swirling mix of blue, purple, and pink hues, it reminds us of a mermaid or the ocean


             GEMMA                                 MARELLA                                STELLA                                       MARINA


Please note: The charm designs may be updated or out of stock from time to time. We do our best to provide the most beautiful and most requested designs for our customers. Due to being handcrafted, each charm is unique and do not have the same exact patterns.

How Bella Charms Work

Your Bay Alarm Medical alert necklace pendant fits into the bracket on the back of the Bella Charm.  Just slide the back of your pendant into the bracket. To press the pendant button, grab the charm with your fingers and push the button with your thumb.

  • Lightweight: Each Bella Charm weighs less than 2 oz when attached to your medical alert pendant.
  • Small: The charm is 2 inches in diameter.
  • Waterproof: Wear your charm and pendant in the shower. Both are waterproof!

Watch the video to learn more and click here to browse our selection of Bella Charms and other accessories for your medical life alert system.


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