Bay Alarm Medical Is Providing Masks For Customers

Bay Alarm Medical Is Providing Masks For Customers

October 1, 2020

For over 70 years, Bay Alarm Medical has helped our customers protect the important things in life: family, independence, and health. Staying healthy is an everyday concern – particularly now during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For a limited time, Bay Alarm Medical is providing a free mask to all customers with every new order.
Additional masks are also available for purchase during checkout. Our masks are 4-ply and the innermost layer includes a pocket for an optional filter. They’re designed with adjustable drawstrings and a nose clasp to ensure both comfortability and a good seal around your face.

Learn more about how masks can help you protect yourself, your family, and community from infection.

Bay Alarm Medical coronavirus mask

The risk of serious illness increases with age

Doctor listening through a stethescope on an older woman's back

Although seniors as a group aren’t at any higher risk of contracting the virus, they are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill. Over 80% of seniors have at least one chronic illness like diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease – 68% have two! Chronic illnesses stress the immune system. That makes it harder to fight off infections, so even minor illnesses are more serious.

According to the CDC, people over age 65 account for 8 out of 10 COVID-related deaths.  This chart from the CDC shows how age affects COVID-19 hospitalization rates:

How masks help you protect yourself and others

Bay Alarm Medical mask employee

Hand washing, maintaining distance in social settings, and avoiding crowds are good ways to avoid infection. However, social distancing is one thing: complete social isolation gets old quickly and can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression – which are additional risk factors for illness! A protective mask can help you stay healthy when you leave home for errands, medical appointments, and visits with family and friends.

Here’s why you should consider wearing your stylish, comfortable, Bay Alarm Medical mask (or any suitable, protective mask) when you’re in public spaces.

You, or those around you, may be contagious without realizing it.

Friends having dinner

As with the flu virus, it’s possible to spread COVID-19 before you start feeling sick. In addition, many younger people may have the virus, but show no symptoms. Many have such mild cases that they don’t realize they’re infected.  Those asymptomatic people can still spread the virus to more vulnerable people who then become seriously ill.

Masks are helpful infection fighters.

The main way a respiratory virus enters your system is, well, through your respiratory system – your nose and your mouth! Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science performed a laboratory study that shows how well masks and other types of face coverings “reduce the risk of cross-infection via the transmission of respiratory droplets from infected to healthy individuals.”

Researchers found that loose facemasks and bandanas only were marginally effective in containing droplets from coughs and sneezes.

“However, well-fitted homemade masks with multiple layers of quilting fabric, and off-the-shelf cone style masks, proved to be the most effective in reducing droplet dispersal. These masks were able to curtail the speed and range of the respiratory jets significantly, albeit with some leakage through the mask material and from small gaps along the edges.”

The YouTube video of their study results is titled “Seeing is Believing.”

The combination of an effective mask that’s worn properly (cover your nose and mouth) and social distancing can help keep everyone safer.

Learn more about how to keep yourself and your family members healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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