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For over 70 years, Bay Alarm Medical's singular mission has been to protect the most important things in life – family, health and independence. We pride ourselves in providing the best senior life-saving alert systems in the nation.

Our clients are fully protected with industry-leading medical alert technology and backed by one of the country's most reliable, USA-based, 24-hour medical alarm emergency call centers.

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See Why We're America's Top-Rated Medical Alert

Consumers love Bay Alarm Medical. But, don't just take our word for it.

"Bay Alarm Medical takes a very hands-on approach to customer service. Customer care representatives spend time with each decision maker and user early in the process to provide consultation to ensure the customer is getting everything they need and that their loved one is protected."

One of the most reliable and affordable medical alert devices on the market today"

- Jim T Miller, NBC Today

"After a thorough review of medical alerts, where our editors compared monthly costs, quality of hardware & customer service, chose Bay Alarm Medical as the #1 top-rated company for seniors."

Pardon the language, but it's really stupid not to get it."

- Kenneth of Stockton, CA

But where Bay Alarm really shines is the human element. When we talked to the monitoring representatives, there was a genuine warmth and calm — it was like calling your fourth-grade teacher. When we told them we were just testing the device, the rep always said some version of, “I’m glad to hear that everything is okay.”

I think I’m careful, but you never know what’s going to happen."

- Jackie of Danville, CA

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