Who Needs a Medical Alert Button?

Who Needs A One-Button Medical Alert System? Not Just Seniors!

September 10, 2013

Many people believe medical alert systems are just for the senior population. However, in recent times the usefulness of medical alert systems has expanded to many different age groups.

Did you know? Medical alert systems can be used for various kinds of medical (and even some non-medical) situations. You might be surprised to learn about the large range of use these devices can cover.

Do you run a home health business? Or are you, or someone you know, in an outpatient treatment program right now? Bay Alarm Medical provides medical alert services for hospitals, assisted living facilities, and home health businesses all across the country.

Medical alert systems are often used by patients while they’re in recovery from surgery or other medical procedures. They’re also used to assist patients undergoing physical therapy and other kinds of rehabilitation treatments.

Do you have a disease that is difficult to manage? Or do you take any medication that makes you dizzy? Many people with medical conditions, young and old, rely on medical alert systems to get them quick and reliable help.

Those with life-threatening diseases like epilepsy and diabetes can especially benefit from having a system like this in place. Their health conditions can deteriorate quickly without immediate medical assistance.

Do you live alone? Some of our clients live alone and like the added sense of security they get from having a medical alert system. Such as those who live in high-risk neighborhoods who feel vulnerable to theft and burglary. This way they still have protection, and for a lower cost than installing a home security system.

Are you just looking for a short-term solution? Others may opt to use our services only on a short-term basis. For example, a caregiver or partner may be going away for a few months at a time and they want to make sure that their loved one is covered in their absence. Pregnant women can also benefit from using these devices should they go into labor while their partners or family members are away.

Ultimately, our one-button medical alert systems can be useful in a variety of situations, for all different types of people. They are not just for seniors anymore.

Simply, call us toll-free at 1-877-522-9633 to find out how you and your family may benefit from having a medical alert system!

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