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Medical alert advice, tips, and how-to's for seniors, families, and caregivers

Are your loved ones safe from criminals at home?

Unfortunately, senior citizens are often targeted by criminals....

April 10, 2012

Jasmine Phu

10 ways for seniors to prepare for and react to a tornado

Even if you and your relatives don't live in an area where severe weather conditions usually occur, it never hurts to brush up on tornado safety tips....

April 6, 2012

Jasmine Phu

4 travel safety tips for seniors

There's nothing better than going on vacation, whether it's to a country you've yet to check off your bucket list, a relative's house or a weekend getaway destination....

April 6, 2012

Lisa Wurth

7 medication safety tips for seniors and their caregivers

While medications are designed to help your loved ones cope with the downfalls of aging bodies, sometimes taking several different prescriptions at once can lead to unintended dangers and ad...

April 2, 2012

Alan Wu

9 fire safety tips for seniors and their caregivers

No one like to think about it, but house fires can happen for a variety of reasons....

March 28, 2012

Alan Wu

10 earthquake safety tips for senior citizens

If you and your loved one live in an area that's prone to earthquakes, or you'd just like a few tips to brush up on just in case, you should know that it's easy to make a home better-suited ...

March 26, 2012

Alan Wu

9 ways for seniors to cope with allergies this spring

While spring is great for enjoying warm weather and watching flowers poke their heads out of the soil, it's not such a grand old time for seniors who have issues with allergies....

March 22, 2012

Alan Wu

6 fraud prevention tips for seniors

It's an unfortunate fact of life, but seniors are often the most targeted group of people when it comes to scams and fraud. ...

March 15, 2012

Alan Wu

7 easy ways for seniors to save money

With the rising costs of essentials like gas, groceries, medical care and other daily necessities, many people are finding out that their dollars aren't stretching as far as they used to....

March 6, 2012

Alan Wu

Reducing the risk of hypothermia in seniors

March may be here, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the cold temperatures are over....

March 2, 2012

Alan Wu