Bay Alarm Medical Supports Veterans Through Purple Heart Homes Partnership

April 30, 2014

It’s officially springtime as the days are getting longer and the sunshine is plentiful. For the next couple of months we wanted to give back to a meaningful charity that helps a lot of families.
Disabled Vets Need Our Help

Disabled vet with prosthetic leg with his dog.

Many American veterans return home with harmful effects from their time in the war. This can consist of debilitating physical injuries to PTSD, or a combination of many. According to, 1 in 10 vets is disabled, and most often from war-related injury.

That number is on the rise too, as there were more than 20,000 vets wounded in service in Iraq and Afghanistan. These disabilities can cause extreme hardships and a reduced quality of life for our heroes.
Purple Heart Homes

This is why we chose to work with Purple Heart Homes. Purple Heart Homes was founded by Dale Beatty and John Gallina, both of whom were wounded in war. They created the organization so that veterans could have “homes that are fit to welcome, and thank, the fighting men and woman of America.”

The organization provides personalized home solutions for Service Connected Disabled Veterans, ranging from home renovations to the veteran’s home to make it more accessible for them, to even building brand new living spaces for them.
Vicki Thomas

Vicki Thomas of Purple Heart Homes

We found out about Purple Heart Homes through this article on Huffington Post about 7 People Over 60 Who Are Changing The World. The article profiles the 7 winners of 2013’s Purpose Prize. This prize is awarded to people over 60 who are “combining their passion and experience for social good.”

The most intriguing story was that of Vicki Thomas. Vicki Thomas is the Communications Director for Purple Heart Homes. She used her previous PR experience, having worked in fundraising and marketing for ABC, to help the organization gain media attention. She has raised millions of dollars for Purple Heart Homes and has helped to achieve widespread awareness of their group.

Vicki is living proof that life really can begin after 50!
Veterans Aging In Place Program

Purple Heart Homes even offers a Veterans Aging In Place Program that aids senior vets in being able to continue aging in the place they love most: their home. The founders of Purple Heart Homes understand that injuries tend to get worse as you age, and that repurchasing a new home to meet your physical needs can be expensive. Not to mention the cost, and potential discomfort, of moving to a nursing home or other assisted living facility.

This program helps create a “barrier free living environment” for seniors at no charge. The program provides many helpful services, from installing mobility solutions like ramps, grab bars, and creating wheelchair access, to major home renovations. This allows the vet to get around easier and helps prevent serious injuries from occurring around the home.
Purple Heart Homes Partnership

Grumpy Grandpa in military uniform next to Purple Heart Homes logo.

In short, this partnership was a no-brainer. Our goals are truly aligned. We share the mission of helping disabled adults, and senior citizens, maintain their independence and enjoy all the benefits of aging at home.

We’re truly grateful to be able to give back to the brave veterans who have given our country so much. For all of May and June 2014, a portion of our profits from every sale we get will go towards supporting Purple Heart Homes, and their mission to aid disabled veterans.

To get more information on what you can do to help Purple Heart Homes, go here. For questions about Bay Alarm Medical, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-522-9633.

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