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Google Rating
Land line installation was simple (just plug into phone jack and wall outlet). Think the portable help buttons are a great idea. Placed them around the house so that the necklace wearing is optional, especially for someone adamant they will not wear one. Testing the unit once plugged in was simple,quick, and easy BUT suggest you have someone to help other than your elderly recipient. Customer service was great!read more
Leigh-Ann Hartley
Leigh-Ann Hartley
15:43 21 Mar 18
Very pleased with everything involved to set my 94 year old mother up the Bay Alarm Medical. The agent I spoke with on the phone was knowledgeable, helpful, and very patient in answering my questions. The device arrived quickly and was very easy to set up. All the contact agents during the setup process were also polite and patient, outlining expectations in an easy to understand manner. Shortly after setup, my mom experienced a power outage. She called and asked me whether the system was still working. I told her to press the Help button and they'd respond in a matter of seconds. And they did! She was very pleased that they were so quick and very helpful in explaining that she was still safe even if the power went out.What a great company - so glad we chose Bay Alarm Medical!read more
Jean Erwin
Jean Erwin
01:43 12 Feb 18
The Bay in home monitoring system most likely saved my mom's life on three different occasions. In two cases she had fallen (she is 92 and uses a walker) outside her home. Bay Alarm dispatchers called 911 and paramedics arrived very quickly. Contacts were notified quickly as well. On the third occasion she had a home invasion and pushed her pendant button and the Invaders left when the Bay Alarm dispatchers came on the monitor speaker and ask what the emergency was. My family is very thankful for Bay Alarm! Great service at an excellent price!read more
randy ridenhour
randy ridenhour
17:50 15 Mar 18
I changed my phone service to Vonage and could not get my alert system to work so I thought I was going to need an upgrade. However while speaking with the customer service representative she said I didn't have it hooked up correctly. She walked me through the process and got me up and running. She spent somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes on the phone with me. I really appreciated the time and help she gave me. I have been with Bay medical for about two years and a couple of weeks ago I inadvertently set the alarm off. Well a little while later the ambulance service was at my door and my son and daughter were frantically calling me so the moral of that story is the system really does work. Having this alert system gives me great comfort. I would definitely advise anyone living alone to seriously consider a medical alert system.read more
Eileen Kelly
Eileen Kelly
21:31 23 Mar 18
Have used Bay Alarm service for my elderly dad for over 2 years now. He has worn the pendant and also had the manual alarm button to use with one touch. Over this time he has activated his alarm multiple times, including several falls in which his pendant sensor alerted the Bay Alarm to call, and subsequently send EMS.This company is awesome . Their phone operators are courteous, experienced and extremely proactive in providing prompt attention and follow through to ensure my dad's safety.I highly recommend Bay Alarm to anyone considering for an elderly loved one.read more
Edward Vila
Edward Vila
16:26 20 Feb 18
This is an updated review. I am moving out of the area and I needed to know if I can continue to use Bay Alarm. And, also, I am contemplating not having a land line when I move, so I needed to know all the ramifications, etc. The lady who helped me was excellent. She listened to all my questions and answered them very well. Her explanations were detailed and by the time the call ended, I felt very comfortable that I knew what to expect when I move. She very much deserves a solid 5 star rating. Also, I want to commend Bay Alarm on the excellent service they have given me the past several months. Everything worked as advertised. I was able to communicate with them even when outside of my house, etc. I usually test the system once a week and they are always very polite and concerned about how I'm doing and whether or not I'm OK. I plan on continuing with Bay Alarm when I move, and I whole heartedly recommend Bay Alarm to anyone who is in need of their service.read more
Charles Di Bari
Charles Di Bari
19:36 30 Mar 18
We’ve only had service for a couple months (for my mother), and couldn’t be happier! Staff is very professional and patient. Price is a better value compared to other companies that I researched - I paid for 6 months and received a free lock box that contains a key to her door for First Responders. My mom has accidentally activated her alarm a few times, and they are VERY QUICK to respond. On one of the accidental activations, my mom had removed her hearing aid for bed and could not hear the agent. They followed protocol to a “T” and called 9-1-1 and then called me. I am very comfortable leaving my mom alone, knowing that Bay Alarm has their ears on for her 24/7!!!!read more
Helen Ward
Helen Ward
17:22 04 Apr 18
My experience with Bay Alarm Medical, at this point, is purely online. I was looking for additional information for a family member. The associate that chatted with me, Kelly, was more than helpful.She was informative, knowledgeable, quick to respond and had an amazing sense of humor. She was able to answer every single one of my questions with little to no delay and in a concise manner. She is an absolute asset to the company. If she is any indication of the type of people you employ, you'll have my business in an instant if I can convince my relative to put one of your devices on.read more
Corey Roos
Corey Roos
15:57 20 Apr 18
Excellent system ! Great people ! Outstanding service ! Mom and I are both very impressed with the quality of the devices she received, the friendly and professional way our questions were answered, and the helpfulness of the customer service team as they allowed us to test each one of the medical alert devices to my mother's satisfaction. And mine ! All tests went perfectly, and Mom is perfectly happy wearing her personal alert button wristband. I just can't measure the relief and gratitude I feel, knowing that Mom is no longer alone during my workday, and I can count on the Bay Alarm Medical system to bring her the help she needs in case of an emergency. Thanks to all at Bay Alarm Medical ! You are our heroes! Michelle and Margot in Memphisread more
Michelle Charbonnet
Michelle Charbonnet
02:17 21 Apr 18
Thanks for doing a great job!I've spoken with Customer Service on several occasions and had very positive experiences. Also, I've added a second unit and easily had the billing aligned with the 1st on a semi-annual basis.More importantly, with testing and accidental alarms, the response is immediate. This provided a feeling of security for my aged, infirm family members.Thanks for providing a crucial service on a 24-hour basis!Respectfully,Gordon K. Galliganread more
Gordon Galligan
Gordon Galligan
18:28 23 Apr 18
I found Alyssa to be very courteous and helpful. No high pressure sales tactics. Or call took over 30 minutes because there were many questions that I had and she was patient and helpful in answering them. Overall a very positive experience.read more
David Tedlow
David Tedlow
02:27 09 May 18
Bay Alarm Medical helped us with emergency care for my mother. They were very conscientious about checking and helping us set up her equipment, and they sent help quickly every time we needed it. Their hardware worked great. It was affordable, and we did not have to sign a contract. Knowing the service was month-to-month put our minds at ease. We really enjoyed our experience with Bay Alarm Medical.read more
Ann Smith
Ann Smith
15:34 10 May 18
My interactions with Bay Alarm Medical always have been exemplary! Today I need some information regarding billing so I could request reimbursement from my mother's long term care insurance company. I spoke with Esmeralda and she was quick to understand my needs an knew how to resolve my request. The smile on her face came through in her voice. I received the information I needed within minutes via email -- exactly as requested!!read more
MJ Shannon
MJ Shannon
21:21 15 May 18
The customer representative, Nae, was so supportive and patient! We were all set to go in just a matter of minutes and honestly, the experience was seemless. I initially, was incorrect on how I needed to set up my mother’s device. Nae expertly reviewed what had been done and gently instructed on the way it needed to be done. Very grateful and our entire family is thankful for this service!!read more
Amanda Conner
Amanda Conner
20:32 23 May 18
Thank you to Bay Alarm for taking care of the medical alarm system for my mom. It was a great relief to know she would have help at the push of a button. We were fortunate that she didn't have any emergency situations, but the peace of mind she had just knowing help was there, is wonderful. We all appreciate your care and how simple you made the process.read more
Jewelle Mello
Jewelle Mello
23:45 04 Jun 18
When I first looked into getting a medical pendant for my Mother who suffers from congestive heart failure, I read many reviews on the different companies out there. Bay Medical came up not as the top recommended company, but somewhere in the middle. I think what attracted me the most about their product was that the price was a little cheaper than other companies.Well, you get what you pay for!My initial interaction with this company was through their website. I ordered their equipment, it arrived in a little over a week's time. Missing from the box was what should have been an extra phone cord so you could piggy-back the dialing/speaker unit to your phone. Instead, the company provided a computer cable which was worthless for me -- and I suspect -- most other people's purposes.After a few days, I decided I did not want to be charged monthly. It would be easier to be charged quarterly. I sent the company an email, they told me to call them on a specific day to change my billing so that I would not end up getting pro-rated. On the specified day, I made my first phone call to the company and found out something rather alarming....They don't answer the phone.During regular business hours, no matter whether you need technical support, have a billing question, or you want to make an inquiry on becoming a customer --- THERE IS NO LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT.Each and every time I called their customer hotline, I reached a recording telling me to leave a message.l would leave a message and end up having to play phone tag with the customer service agents. They call you back on their available time. I spent days trying to chase down an agent over the phone until I finally gave up and told them to cancel my account and arrange to return my equipment.At that point, they stopped emailing me back. They would not confirm my cancellation request. They became absolutely silent.I ended up having to contact my credit card company and have the charge removed and a block put on all future charges made to me by Bay Medical Alarm.Then I went to the BBB website and started reading one horror story after another about how uncaring this company is when tragedies do happen. I suggest anyone thinking of dealing with this company do a check on BBB ratings. Simply Google: "Bay Medical Alarm Complaints" or "Bay Medical Alarm Better Business Bureau".I am now in the process of returning their equipment, at my own expense.. They won't pay for the return. Do yourself a huge favor and spend a little more money with a more reputable company. Any company that runs a Medical Emergency Business by forcing you to communicate through voice messaging instead of a live agent does not deserve your consideration.read more
Ron Epstein
Ron Epstein
07:01 13 Jun 18
I wanted to add GPS to my present service. Esmeralda took me through the added program, step by step, including costs, and guided me through the signing process with out a hitch. As an added plus, Esmeralda was patient, thorough and answered every question clearly. Did I mention she is also delightful to talk to? Well, yes she is. Plato Chamisread more
plato chamis
plato chamis
21:15 11 Jun 18

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For nearly 70 years, Bay Alarm Medical's singular mission has been to protect the most important things in life – family, health and independence. We pride ourselves in providing the best senior life-saving alert systems in the nation. Our clients are fully protected with industry-leading technology and backed by one of the nation's most reliable 24-hour medical alarm emergency call centers.

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- Jim T Miller, NBC Today

I am very pleased with Bay Alarm Medical. The customer service was excellent from start to finish, meaning from the time I began service with them until the time I ended service due to the passing of my grandmother. We never had any malfunctions with the equipment. The price could not be beat. Most of all, it gave both my grandmother and myself peace of mind. Thank you.

- Natalie of Kansas City, MO

"Bay Alarm Medical takes a very hands-on approach to customer service. Customer care representatives spend time with each decision maker and user early in the process to provide consultation to ensure the customer is getting everything they need and that their loved one is protected."

I think I’m careful, but you never know what’s going to happen."

- Jackie of Danville, CA

It has been a pleasure to have been served by you over these years. You have provided such caring, upright service. You were instrumental, as my mother had fallen, in providing the necessary action to get her help. Your prompt reaction was uncanny. I would never hesitate to refer you and the service. The courtesy I have experienced has been first rate.

Bonnie of New York, NY

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