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Bay Alarm Medical Mobile App

Included free with every subscription, the new Bay Alarm Medical mobile app allows you, the caregiver, to keep track of your loved one's medical alert activities.

  • Encrypts and syncs to our emergency call centers to keep medical information safe.
  • Get instant notifications anytime mom's medical alert button is pushed.
  • Have full access to vital information about your account, anytime.
  • No extra cost or fees for app access.

BAM App Features

We developed the Bay Alarm Medical app for one purpose - to provide even more protection for you and your loved ones. Have peace of mind knowing that emergency contact information is always up to date and get instant push notifications if the alert button was pushed.

The Bay Alarm Medical app is included, free, with every new subscription. To learn more about our Medical Alert Systems call 1-877-522-9633.


Whether you live next door to mom and dad or across the country, the app gives you full control and access to vital information about your account. Get instant notifications if the medical alert button was pushed.

Emergency Call list

Make sure mom's emergency contact list is always up to date without having to contact our customer service center. Easily edit phone numbers and adjust the order (kids first, neighbors second, EMT third) all within the app.

Lockbox Code

Your secret lockbox combination code and location can be stored within the app so emergency responders can easily and safely open the door during an emergency.

Vial of Life

Allow emergency responders to easily find the location of dad's Vial of Life. Simply enter in the location within the app.

Account Stats

Know exactly how many times mom pushed her button and if the paramedics were dispatched. You'll also know the battery status of your system along with any connection issues with your equipment.

Bay Alarm Medical App

Now Available for Android and iOS