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2013 Top Ten Reviews Gold Award

Don't let the name fool you. Bay Alarm Medical offers great service even if you do not live anywhere near a bay. This first-rate medical alert system wins our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award based on its overall value, ideal combination of features and great customer service.

Bay Alarm Medical can provide assistance to your loved one 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the touch of one button. That's what all of the medical alert systems in our lineup do, but this company stands out by putting the customer first in so many ways – including no-hassle pricing, the best combination of hardware and fast, courteous service in 170 languages.


Installation of Bay Alarm Medical equipment is so easy that a technician is not necessary. You just plug the unit into a power outlet and a phone line. There are plenty of support options online and over the phone, just in case you need help with installation.

Shipping and installation are free with most payment plans. You will pay for shipping if you decide to pay month by month, however. If you opt for a yearly or quarterly payment plan, you pay nothing to get the equipment. All the options really are plans, not contracts. If you change your mind, you do not pay a cancellation fee. You just finish out the term you have paid for – one month, one quarter or one year – and then cut off the service.

This medical alert system can come with you on vacation or easily move to another state. As long as you have a landline and power, you can plug in Bay Alarm Medical equipment for full service under your existing plan.

Monitoring Features:

The Bay Alarm Medical pendant button worn by the loved one being monitored communicates with the base console up to 400 feet away. There are medical alert system competitors that tout wider ranges, but we think 400 feet is more than adequate for most homes. After all, that is longer than a football field. Most homes, including their yards, could be covered in that range. This means that even if your loved one has a nasty fall while out in the yard with the dog, pendants with this medical alert system will communicate with the console, which will communicate with customer service personnel who can call an ambulance or other first responder.

The console itself has features to make communication easy in an emergency. A sensitive microphone and speaker will allow your loved one to speak to Bay Alarm personnel even if they are not right next to the console. This medical alert system can also be used to answer phone calls. You just have to push the button on the pendant and start talking. The pendant will have turned on the speakerphone in the base console. The console has a 32-hour battery backup so it can weather a significant power outage.

The pendant for this medical alert system is very petite and waterproof. Both of those qualities will come in handy. Most falls happen in bathrooms, and your loved ones can wear this pendant in the shower if they choose. The small and lightweight pendant can be worn as a necklace, with a wristband or clipped to a belt.

Not everyone will need to take advantage of the 170 languages spoken by Bay Alarm Medical operators, but when you need someone who speaks Kazakh, for instance, there is really no substitute. Bay Alarm Medical has invested in hiring people who can provide help in Thai, Azeri, Italian, Norwegian, Uzbek, Greek, Montenegrin, Hakka, Fuzhou, Telugu and many, many more languages. The impressive list can offer tremendous peace of mind to family members. You want to know that someone fluent in your aged grandmother's language can help her when you are not around.

Additional Services:

Emergency workers are forced to use whatever means necessary to get to your loved one. That includes breaking down the door if your loved one is incapacitated and cannot answer the door. That is the scenario Bay Alarm Medical alert system helps you avoid with its lock box feature. In an emergency, operators can give ambulance and fire personnel a code for your loved one's lock box. The lock box works just like the ones used by realtors. Open the box with the code and the house key is inside. That way you don't end up with costly repairs. We wish the lockbox were included in the basic price, but it is not. You pay a one-time set-up fee that we think will be worth it for most users.

You can also order extra pendants in order to monitor another loved one with the same main console. You pay extra for the additional pendant, but it does not add to your monthly fee to monitor another person. For an added monthly cost, you can configure the medical alert system to work with detection equipment from Bay Alarm for smoke and carbon monoxide. If either of those is detected, the system will alert customer service representatives who can call the fire department and anyone else you designate.

Bay Alarm Medical does not offer medication dispensers, GPS tracking or fall-detection technology. This company sticks more to the basics of medical monitoring, but some people will miss those features.

Company Information:

Bay Alarm Medical is one arm of Bay Alarm, which is a family-owned business that started in 1946. The company began in the Bay Area, initially offering burglar alarms. Bay Alarm has a good reputation and can boast 65 years in the security business. We like that.

Customer Service:

This is the only medical alert system we reviewed that offers a live chat option through the company's website. Chat is not an essential feature for every customer, but we don't see why this is not an option with more medical alert system providers, especially since they have workers ready to respond around the clock anyway. It's so nice to be able to just tap into the website and get answers within seconds, with no dialing required.


Bay Alarm Medical is the ideal medical monitoring system because of the balance it strikes between good features and good value. It has everything you need to care for a loved one and nothing you don't need. The company has invested in the things that really count – easy installation, great equipment, fair payment terms and excellent customer care in practically any language at any time of the day or night. Without that, you may as well program your grandparents' cell phone and hope for the best.


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