Woman teaches seniors how to avoid falls in Mineola, NY

Alan Wu

June 8, 2011

Falls are a serious concern for many older adults. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that around one out of every three Americans age 65 and older suffers from a slip each year, and these incidents can lead to head traumas or broken hips.

That’s why learning the right practices for staying mobile is a key to healthy, independent living. Community outreach educator Grace Rowan knows this from experience – she has suffered a fall herself and teaches other older adults how best to avoid them.

“Winthrop has really taken a big interest in the education of the mature adult and helping them to realize that they can remain independent and their life standard will be better by doing some few simple things to take care of themselves,” Rowan told The Mineola Patch.

Seniors who are concerned with their own fall risk may want to invest in medical alert systems. These devices can be used to instantly send a medical alert to a call center if assistance is required.

Rowan offers an hour-long slideshow about falls, pamphlets about the subject and her own experience as tools from which

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