Winters can pose more challenges for the elderly

Lisa Wurth

February 1, 2012

Winters can pose more challenges for the elderlyWith the winter chill finally setting in, The Post Searchlight is advising its readers to take extra precaution to protect elderly relatives and neighbors.

According to the news outlet, the winter can be especially challenging for seniors living alone. Many will avoid going out as much to prevent falls and may even keep their houses a bit chilly to keep heating bills manageable, even though it could be detrimental to their health.

Belinda Green, a director at a local senior center, is urging family members and neighbors to check in on elderly people more in the winter to ensure their safety.

"Just a friendly knock on the door or a phone call to check on someone is beneficial," Green told the publication. "Seniors need people they can trust to make sure they are safe."

Older adults with pets may need even more assistance during the colder weather, as it might become harder to give the animals enough exercise or time to go to the bathroom.

If a loved one lives far away, relatives may want to install a senior alert system into a parent's home. This way, a senior always has access to help, which can bring peace of mind to all involved.

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