Why seniors may want to keep in touch with Facebook

Jasmine Phu

August 17, 2010

When seniors are living long, active and independent lifestyles, it may be difficult to stay in touch with distant family and friends. ElderGadget.com recommends Facebook as a great medium for communication. This one website can help keep older adults who are aging at home stay connected with all their loved ones.

More than any other site, Facebook is a useful way to look at photographs. This doesn’t mean just old pictures, it can also mean brand new images of weddings, vacations, birthdays and grandkids. Seniors can also upload pictures and share them with the whole family with a few clicks.

The news source also suggests that Facebook can help those who are looking for faces from the past. Friends who have lost contact with old classmates may be able to find them again using Facebook.

Another reason to use Facebook is that it is a comprehensive method of using the internet. While the online world in general might seem disorganized and hectic, Facebook can act as a one-stop location for a variety of different services.

Staying connected with family is a priority in many seniors’ lives. It’s a good idea to get in touch through Facebook, but one may want to also consider investing in a senior alert system, so family members or doctors can be notified in case of a medical emergency.