Ways to stay fall-free with age


February 7, 2012

Planning a vacation? Here are a few tips to keep in mind!Many seniors aging in place worry about potentially falling, and rightfully so. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that one in three people age 65 and older will take a tumble each year – falls are also the leading cause of both injury and death among seniors. Because of these scary statistics, it's important for elders to try to prevent tripping and falling altogether.

According to the La Canada Valley Sun, the first thing seniors living independently need to address is how safe their homes actually are. Bathrooms tend to be hot spots for falls, so elderly residents might want to install non-slip bath mats in the shower and grab bars near the toilet for a safe place to hold.

Some seniors might have trouble changing light bulbs or putting new batteries in their smoke detectors. The source reports that in many towns, elders can call their fire departments on the regular number (not 911) and ask that a rescue worker come help them with these tasks.

Others who have become so fearful they rarely leave the house or spend less time socializing with friends might benefit from installing a senior alert system or going to fall-prevention courses. Here, seniors can learn how to strengthen their muscles and increase balance, which might help them feel more confident as well. The news outlet reports that many YMCAs, hospitals and senior centers tend to offer such programs.