Vision loss among the leading fears boomers have

Bryan Aldrige

October 27, 2011

 Vision loss among the leading fears boomers haveAccording to a new report titled Eye on the Boomer, researchers surveyed 1,001 men and women between the ages of 45 and 65 about what concerns they have in regards to aging. They found that 78 percent of interviewees viewed vision as the most important sense to keep with age.

Nearly 55 percent feared losing their vision – compared to the 65 percent who pegged heart disease as their number one worry.

Even though many feared losing their sight, surprisingly more than half of the people questioned admitted to not having regular eye exams, and most didn't know about important nutrients that are key to good eye health.

The study found that almost 60 percent of participants didn't know the important role omega-3 fatty acids had in overall eye health, though more than half reported taking daily supplements for joint, bone or heart health. This shows that although many worry about eye health, little is being done to educate the population on ways to keep eyes sharp.

Those worried about the sight of a senior loved one living at home may want to install a medical alert system. This device gives people the ability to call for help in an instant should they fall.