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Villages, medical alert may be ideal for independent living

Topic(s) : Independent Senior Living

Many older adults want to spend their golden years at home, but may require some assistance with daily tasks or large projects such as home renovations and maintenance. Luckily, there are numerous housing solutions springing up in the form of Villages, according to The Potomac Patch.

This program encourages independent living while promoting a stronger sense of community so that seniors can get help when they need it. Fellow residents offer to help with transportation, errands and other necessities so an older adult can live safely at home.

For additional safety, one may also want to install a medical alert in their home. This device can be an easy way to immediately send a personal emergency response message to nearby neighbors so that they can give assistance if needed.

Seniors who do choose to live in a village community also get the benefit of an active life as well, because they return the favor of assistance.

"Every village must have a core group of people who want to make the village concept work," planner Leslie Marks told the news provider. "If an 80-year-old woman needs transportation to the doctor, then she can be called upon to perform other tasks for the community."

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