Vacationing with or without elderly parents

Jasmine Phu

August 17, 2010

Many baby boomers are now taking care of their aging parents and, according to the New York Times, this can be a particularly stressful responsibility when it comes to vacations. While it’s possible to enjoy a trip with an older adult, there are also other ways that they can stay safe and entertained if left alone.

If one does desire some time without an elderly parent, it may be worthwhile to look into senior citizen travel groups. The news source claims that there is a growing demand for a holistic experience to vacations.

The tourism industry is adapting to an older demographic and hire workers who have the skills needed to assist older adults who are frail or disabled. Cruises and bus tours have both proved to be popular among seniors.

If you are planning to go on a trip with a parent, try to find a destination that will cater to both of your interests. One source suggests that the mountains can be a peaceful getaway, where the outdoors can help adult children and older parents relax in a variety of ways.

Baby boomers who want to vacation without their parents may also want to consider an elderly alert system. This will enable seniors who are left alone to immediately notify doctors or other health professionals if they need assistance at home.

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