Using poles might reduce falls among senior walkers


February 3, 2012

Study finds innovative way to give out osteoporosis medicationAs important as exercising is, the same old routine can get boring after awhile. This is why some seniors in Jefferson, New York, have taken up venturing into the woods of the Catskill mountains with Nordic Walking Poles, the Catskills Daily Mail reports.

Marjata Epstein, 62, purchased Nordic Walking Poles 10 years ago after she had used them on a trip to Finland. According to Epstein, who was born in Finland, the poles were actually invented by a former high school classmate and the act has since become one of the most popular fitness crazes in Europe.

Epstein adds that using the walking sticks is great for seniors who might need the added support in order to trek through the woods or even on streets around their neighborhoods.

"It absolutely increases heart rate and would be good for anyone to use," Epstein told the publication. "I took time off from walking and I had shoulder and nick pain and stiffness; they loosen me up. I lost weight and my blood pressure improved while walking about 45 minutes nearly every day and about five miles on weekends. Using them definitely helped."

Seniors looking to get in some exercise might want to try this act as a way to work out while staying safe. Those living alone might also benefit from installing a medical alert system in their homes as falls can happen even if elders are in good shape.