Use of video games may curb senior falls in the future

Kevin Magna

December 12, 2011

Study finds seniors benefit from muscle training According to new research from scientists from Neuroscience Research Australia, the key to reducing senior falls may be through teaching them how to play video games, Science Alert reports.

Falls expert Kim Delbaere believes that using technology and teaching seniors how to use interactive video gaming systems like XBOX Kinect or Wii may help reduce falls, as they require people to move and get active – both key components of keeping seniors fit and strong.

Delbaere is currently working with a European research group to see if creating specific video games for the senior generation will help make a difference in how many fall in the coming years.

"Poor balance, strength and mobility are all risk factors for future falls," Delbaere told the publication. "Our plan is to modify the sensor to measure these factors, which will then feed into software on the home computer to automatically calculate a falls prevention exercise program specifically designed for the individual's needs."

Video games may help future generations of seniors improve their balance, mobility and activity levels, however right now, falls are still a serious concern. Those worried that their loved ones living alone may succumb to a fall might want to install a senior alert system into their homes. This wearable device gives an elderly loved one the means to call for help in an instant, without taking away their independence.