Up to 25 percent of happiness related to stress


June 2, 2011

After thousands of interviews from people all around the world, psychologist Robert Epstein recently concluded that around 25 percent of happiness is directly related to how well individuals can manage their stress levels, according to Time magazine.

He concluded that it's all about technique and the best way to make things a little calmer may be to stick to a humble to-do list. Just having a plan for the day can help one tackle obstacles head-on.

"[It's about] fighting stress before it even starts, planning things rather than letting them happen," Epstein told the publication. "That means planning your day, your year and your life so that stress is minimized."

Family caregivers may be some of the most stressed people, because they are always thinking about an older adult's safety in the back of their mind. In this case, it may be wise to install a senior alert system at home, because this device enables users to immediately send a medical alert to an emergency call center.

The National Family Caregivers Association estimates that there are more than 65 million Americans caring for loved ones in need of assistance across the country – a duty that is often as rewarding as it is stressful.