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Travel can reveal changes in a parent’s health

Topic(s) : Adult Daycare

It can sometimes be difficult to gauge what kind of health changes are occurring in an older parent's life, particularly if families live an airplane flight away. However, when it comes time for a vacation, observing a senior's movements and limitations can be made much easier. 

If it does seem like seniors need more care, it may be a wise idea to invest in a medical alert system. This device can be installed in an older adult's home and enables users to immediately send a personal emergency response message to a call center.

Thomas Huang used a shared family vacation with his parents – both in their late 70s – to really discover how much age was now affecting them, according to McClatchy-Tribune News Service. When Huang finally went on a trip with the elderly couple, it was only then that he had realized how much had changed.

"Parents, especially if both are still alive, tend to cover for each other," Dr. Stanley Ingman told the news source. "But when you spend time with them [on a trip], you'll see things you haven't before."

It's also important to keep in mind that parents may not want to travel at the same speed, and may have different goals when visiting an exotic destination. 

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