Tips on living safely and independently in your home

Lisa Wurth

August 19, 2010

More and more seniors are opting to stay in their homes and age in place, which can be a preferable and affordable way to live out the golden years. However, there are certain precautions that should be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to live independently.

The Osceola Sentinal Tribune recently reported on the most popular methods of making a residence age-friendly, for seniors living on their own and boomers who are renovating a home to accommodate an older parent.

First on the list is making sure that bathrooms are fitted with walk-in showers and grab rails, to prevent the nasty occurrence of falls which could result in an injury.

Extra lighting is also a necessary implementation, since the eyesight of many older adults is much weaker. Additionally, be sure that rooms are kept clutter-free and hallways are designed to be safe – remove loose rugs or poorly placed tables.

Another easy renovation is replacing under-counter shelves with pull-out drawers, so seniors don’t have to strain their backs to reach items.

The news source also reports that it’s important to keep phones in every room of the house, in case of an emergency. An additional method to stay safe and independent is by investing in a medical alert system, which can connect an independent senior with family, neighbors and doctors should he or she need assistance.