Think positive for retirement

Bryan Aldrige

November 17, 2010

Many baby boomers who are contemplating retirement right now may feel overwhelmed by financial difficulties. However, recent studies have suggested that stress and attitude can negatively affect health and lead to medical problems, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The reverse also appears to be true. An optimistic frame of mind was found to actually increase the function of the immune system. Older adults who have a bright outlook on life were even shown to have an average life expectancy of 7.5 years longer than their gloomier peers.

For this reason, it can be important for individuals to invest in things that make them happier. The news report suggests that seniors adopt a pet. Dogs can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. One study has determined that owning a cat can reduce the chance of a heart attack by 30 percent.

Unfortunately, stress can come in many forms. Many baby boomers are also caring for older parents and feel burdened by their responsibilities.

Many may want to install an elderly alert system in a residence, so that older adults can instantly send a personal emergency response message to family members or doctors. This may allow caregivers the opportunity to enjoy some leisure time while knowing that a parent is safe at home.