The foundations for healthy aging


May 10, 2011

Aging can sometimes take many Americans by surprise, as the effects are so gradual that it's hard to notice them until something goes wrong. Consequently, retirees often don't maintain a proper lifestyle until a health problem occurs.

Preventative measures are the best ones to take, and The American Rental Association recently suggested the key tips to healthy aging – and it all starts with keeping track of health by regular visits to the doctor. This can help catch and treat conditions before they spiral out of control.

Older adults who are living independently may want to consider installing a medical alert system at home as well, because this device can be used to immediately send a personal emergency response message to a call center if assistance is required.

Additionally, try to start exercising. Anything that gets the heart rate moving is a good idea, whether that means lifting weights, going for a swim or just taking a walk around the block.

When going to the grocery store, keep healthy aging in mind, too. Instead of going for tried and true meals, shake things up with low-calorie and low-fat foods that can help begin a healthier diet.