Taking care of parents can be tough on sibling relationships

Kevin Magna

July 20, 2011

Caring for aging loved ones can be exhausting and stressful, especially if siblings share the caregiving responsibilities. Trying to balance their everyday lives with the addition of taking care of mom or dad can easily strain relationships, but it also has the potential to bring families closer together.

"Even if siblings didn't get along before, it's possible to bond over the care of a parent," Rona Bartlestone, the senior vice president of SeniorBridge – a company that provides at-home elder care – told the Miami Herald. "Focus on the common goal. It is all about your parent."

Caregiving children can divvy up the responsibilities and keep communications open to lower stress and avoid issues that could cause tension, such as two kids showing up to take a parent to a doctor's appointment when only one was needed.

Senior alert systems can give both the older adult and their kids peace of mind if and when the elder is by themselves. Should anything happen while the older adult is alone, a medical alert will be sent to emergency responders.

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