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Suzanne Somers movie discusses health and vitality

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The 64-year-old entertainer Suzanne Somers is well-known for her television appearances and, on November 4, the Suzanne Summers Breakthrough Tour is premiering in theaters across the country, according to The Senior Journal.

The film is a frank, honest and funny discussion of many aspects of aging, detailing Somers' journey to educating herself about her health. It will cover her battles with difficult experiences, such as cancer, menopause and aging, and reveal the ways that she stays in shape.

She also works to highlight the risks and recoveries associated with cancer, as well as the benefits of some alternative treatments, using footage of hundreds of interviews with doctors and physicians to show some unconventional methods which are seeing success.

"Both women and men will come away from this experience with important information they may never hear from their conventional doctors," according to a news release from Cinema Events.

Seniors who are looking to live healthy in their golden years may also want to use a senior alert system. This medical alarm will enable older adults to live safely and independently by giving them the ability to instantly contact family or doctors in the case of an emergency.

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