Survey: Most baby boomers are content


December 22, 2010

A new survey conducted by AARP has shown that older baby boomers who are getting ready to retire are mostly content with their lives.

Around seven out of 10 of these older adults, all of whom will be turning 65 next year, reported being happy with what they have accomplished. They are also looking forward to their golden years, but the findings also showed that many may not have a conventional retirement.

"They are looking forward to being around for a good many years to come and unlike previous generations, 40 percent of [those working] say they never are going to retire. They are going to work until they drop," Steve Cone, AARP executive vice president, told Reuters.

Boomers also expressed a desire to learn more and travel as they get older. Perhaps most surprisingly, only 2 percent said that they planned to relocate when they turned 65.

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