Super-grandmas may become the new trend in some families

Lisa Wurth

January 11, 2011

Marilyn Inglis is a retired social worker, and while she could be preparing for her own golden years, she is instead taking care of family members who are both older and younger than her, according to The Daily Mail.

Not only is she currently looking after her 81-year-old mother, she is also helping her daughters and granddaughters.

"When I add up all the hours I spend caring for my housebound mother, my daughters or my grandchildren, it easily adds up to a 40-hour week," she wrote for the news source.

Inglis admits that it may be the hardest work that she has ever done and it's quite exhausting.

Caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed may want to consider installing a medical alert system in a home. This device can ensure that both seniors and children have a way of sending a personal emergency response message if they need assistance, affording super-grandparents some peace of mind.

Inglis' weekday schedule begins when she takes her grandchildren to school and then continues as she performs errands for her working daughters. By the end of this hectic schedule, she has put in 12-hour day, the news source reports.

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