Study shows decrease in new cases of blindness in the past decade

Kevin Magna

January 23, 2012

Cases of blindess have been decreasing rapidly in the past decadeA new study published in the American Journal Ophthalmology found that the number of new cases of blindness has decreased dramatically in the past decade – by more than 50 percent.

The results, which were found by researchers at University of Copenhagen and Glostrup Hospital in Denmark, showed the biggest reduction in 2006, after a treatment was developed for age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

"The massive implementation of modern wet AMD therapy has been a challenge," said study author Michael Larsen. "It is therefore very important that we can now show an impact on public health and it is wonderful to see a reduction in severe visual loss. The study did not examine moderate visual loss, but there are undoubtedly also a lot of people who avoided loosing their drivers licence and their reading vision."

Seniors who suffer from eye problems may be at a higher risk of falling, which can cause serious injury. Those who are living by themselves may want to invest in a medical alert device, as it can contact emergency services whenever needed.

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