Study may help bone strength in osteoporosis patients


February 8, 2012

Study finds technique to strengthen bonesA team of researchers from UC Davis Health System established an innovative technique that injects a molecule into the bloodstream, and it guides stem cells to the surface of bones, which results in the strengthening of bones.

These findings are especially crucial to osteoporosis patients, as they suffer from bone loss due to the condition.

The researchers injected the molecule in mice with weak bones into their femors and verterbres,  and saw improvement after 12 weeks. The next step would be to move onto human clinical trials.

"Our study confirms that stem-cell-binding molecules can be exploited to direct stem cells to therapeutic sites inside an animal," said Kit Lam, an author of the article. "It represents a very important step in making this type of stem cell therapy a reality."

Patients with osteoporosis have a higher risk of falling due to their weaken bones. Caregivers may want to invest in a medical alert for their loved one, so that if they do fall, the senior will be able to contact emergency services for help.