Study finds bathrooms to be most dangerous room in the home

Kevin Magna

December 14, 2011

Study finds bathrooms to be most dangerous room in the homeSome people may think that the bathroom is one of the safest areas in home as it is so small and most don't spend a ton of time in there. However, a recent survey conducted by has found that more than 70 percent of all home accidents occur in the bathroom.

According to, people can ward off such real threats by being cautious and making changes to the room. These update can be especially helpful for seniors, as they tend to have the most risk of falling.

One way to reduce the chances of a bathroom fall is to install a grab bar at the correct height by the toilet, the shower and the tub. This gives a person ample opportunities to hold on in case of a terrifying slip.

Adding a full-length bath mat with a non-skid bottom to the tub floor might also help reduce a person's chances of falling. If bathmats are placed outside the shower to dry off, these should be securely fastened. If this can't be done, remove the cozy mats as the comfort isn't worth the trip to the emergency room.

Other risk reducing methods include replacing glass shower doors for unbreakable plastic in case of a crash, placing night lights in the bathroom for constant light, installing a senior alert system in the home as a precaution, and adding a chair in the shower for a safe spot for an elderly loved one to rest if they become light-headed while bathing. 

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