String of falls among seniors prompt city officials to fix uneven sidewalk


January 3, 2012

Seniors need to improve homes, visit doctors to avoid fallsA recent bout of falls on a popular street in Peterborough, England, has left local government officials to question what should be done next, Peterborough Today reports.

According to the news outlet, a patch of uneven sidewalk outside of a convenience store has resulted in three falls recently – including two so serious that the victims had to be taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

All of the people who fell were of senior status, the latest occurring last Friday morning. Betty Summers, a 79-year-old resident, was the most recent victim and suffered a head injury, according to the source.

Other seniors in the town are voicing their concerns, hoping the increase in falls will prompt officials to resurface the area.

"It’s not perfectly flat and as we know as we get older your feet don’t tend to come so far off the floor," 66-year-old resident Ged Matthews told the news source. "We have got a duty of care for these people to get them a reasonably flat surface."

No matter where a senior suffers a fall, the event can be detrimental to how they feel afterward. Many can develop anxiety over the fear of falling again, and some opt to remain inside their homes altogether following an incident. Installing a senior alert system into a loved one's house can help to ease such fears. This wearable device allows a person to call for help in any circumstance.