Strength training can help prevent falls

Kevin Magna

June 10, 2011

As we age, muscles can start to lose mass, which can end up causing a significant loss of strength. This, in turn, could increase the likelihood of falls, which can be dangerous incidents for seniors if they are living alone and don't have a way to ask for help. 

Some families choose to install elderly alert systems in an older adult's home, because these devices enable users to immediately send a medical alert to an emergency call center if they suffer an unexpected injury.

New research shows that strength training can be integral to safety, because staying fit can prevent falls by increasing mobility. While people lose around 30 percent of muscle mass from age 50 to 70, regular exercise can help reduce the rate of atrophy and mass can actually increase. Experts recommend three to four training sessions every week as the optimal number.

Additionally, most people suggest making a home a safer environment for aging. This can mean renovating certain rooms so that there are no raised steps or other entrances, as well as installing a grab rail in the bathroom and by stair landings.