Steps to take when hiring a caregiver

Lisa Wurth

October 18, 2010

A caregiver can give support to an older adult who wishes to age independently and remain at home, particularly by running day-to-day errands and helping with domestic responsibilities. However, The Times Herald reports that it's important to pick the proper person when considering caregivers.

While it may seem like a good idea to try and hire an independent caretaker, the news source claims that this may lead to further complications down the road.

For example, those who opt to hire someone to care for a parent or spouse are technically employing them. This means that taxes, regular paychecks and even worker's compensation can come into play and put the situation in legally ambiguous territory.

Additionally, there may not be a substitute worker if the caregiver gets sick, which could potentially leave a senior unattended.

For these reasons, the news provider recommends that adult children hire a home healthcare agency, which will provide all the necessary services and coverage at a set fee, and also perform background checks on employees.

Individuals may also want to consider using a medical alert system, which can allow seniors who are alone to immediately send out a personal emergency response message if they require assistance.

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